Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biology and Chemistry

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biology and Chemistry


City University of Hong Kong

学制: 全日制 - 4 年
入学时间: 01-Sep-15


This programme aims to train and produce graduates with an understanding of advanced developments and highly marketable specialist skills in the disciplines of biology, chemistry and environmental science, and to meet local and regional requirements in the industrial, commercial, government or education sectors. Upon successful completion of this programme, students should be able to: develop intellectual competence necessary to successful academic and professional work; contribute to the generation and development of knowledge in their respective fields through independent, original, and innovative research; demonstrate specialist subject knowledge and a high level of transferrable skills with an emphasis on discovery-based element.


Applicants must satisfy one of the following: be a current MPhil student in the University who seeks transfer to PhD candidature; hold a higher degree by research (or equivalent qualification) from a recognized university; should possess a master's degree (or equivalent qualification) from a recognised university; hold a bachelor's degree with first class honours (or equivalent qualification) from a recognised university.