Physics with Sport Science MPhys

Physics with Sport Science MPhys


Loughborough University

学制: 全日制 - 4 年
入学时间: Sep-16


This is a Joint Honours course run in collaboration with the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, which is an internationally renowned centre of excellence. It involves physics plus essential mathematics in partnership with physical education and sports science. The Physics content includes the most of the physics related modules of the BSc/MPhys straight Physics course. This gives an excellent training in all important aspects of basic physics. Graduates are eligible to pursue many higher degrees or to carry out research in parts of either subject area. It provides the foundation for graduates aiming for a career as a professional physicist and for those going on to PhD research.


Majority A/B grades, in conjunction with Advanced Highers at grades AA.AA in Maths and Physics, plus Highers at majority A/B grades.Min. units required: 3. Min. units preferred: 3. AAB including Maths and Physics Mathematics and Physics. Subjects excluded: General Studies.