Bachelor of Science in Forestry - Forest Operations

Bachelor of Science in Forestry - Forest Operations


The University of British Columbia

学制: 全日制 - 4 年
入学时间: 08-Sep-15


Program Description: The Forest Operations program focuses on the optimization of social, environmental, and economic benefits through the planning, managing, and utilizing the resources of forest lands. You will incorporate the skills of civil, geotechnical, and mechanical engineering with ecological and hydrological processes to encourage sustainability and conservation. Computer technology and sophisticated mechanical systems are used in the precise and efficient development of harvesting and transportation networks. Options available include a specialization in Harvest Planning & Engineering, or a Minor in Commerce. If you like to plan, engineer, and build, this program is ideal for you. UBC Features: UBC Forestry is the largest forestry faculty in Canada, and is a world leader in education and research. It possesses outstanding facilities and equipment. The award-winning Forest Sciences Centre offers wireless study space, high-tech classrooms, and labs equipped with the latest technology. In addition, the Faculty has two major research forests in British Columbia, and jointly manages a third, altogether totaling 25,000 hectares (over 60,000 acres). Students benefit from a stimulating and interactive learning environment, and strong student services. Sample Courses: FOPR 162 – Basic Geomatics for Natural Resources FOPR 363 – Forest Soil Mechanics