Doctor of Philosophy in Forestry (PhD)

Doctor of Philosophy in Forestry (PhD)


The University of British Columbia

学制: 全日制 - 3.33 年
入学时间: 08-Sep-15


General Information: Forestry graduate students learn from a dynamic and diverse group of researchers who educate and communicate how forests and the products that are created from them contribute to the well-being of all living things. The health and sustainability of forests and the people who depend on them underlies everything we do. We are among the best institutions globally in forest-related education and research and are also unique in the breadth of expertise we possess, which allows us to integrate new knowledge across many disciplines. PhD in Forestry students can be found all over the world; they are important ambassadors for UBC Forestry and demonstrate just how diverse and international in scope the research is that is undertaken in our Faculty. We have approximately 140 doctoral students in any given year, which is just over half of our total Forestry graduate student population. In addition to being part of the Faculty of Forestry, PhD students are also considered members of one of our three Faculty departments, based on their supervisor's affiliation. What makes the program unique? We are one of the largest graduate units on campus, with 250 students enrolled in our 6 degree programs. We attract students from around the world, with over 35 countries represented in our community. Given the global nature of modern forestry, the experience our students gain by working with colleagues from around the world is a subtle but effective means of creating the global citizens that UBC aspires to produce.