Master of Applied Science in Forestry (MASc)

Master of Applied Science in Forestry (MASc)


The University of British Columbia

学制: 全日制 - 1.99 年
入学时间: 08-Sep-15


General Information: UBC Forestry offers a research (thesis) -based Master's program within a Science (MSc) or an Applied Science (MASc) credential. Thesis Master's students receive training in research techniques, and also make contributions in their own right to the body of knowledge. The type of work undertaken by an MSc or MASc student tends to be focused, looking at a specific problem, and is generally completed within 2-3 years. Students with a background in Engineering (e.g. Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) or higher degree in engineering) will receive the MASc degree whereas students with a background in science, applied science, agricultural sciences, social science or forestry will receive the MSc.


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