Master of International Forestry (MIF)

Master of International Forestry (MIF)


The University of British Columbia

学制: 全日制 - 10 个月
入学时间: 08-Sep-15


General Information: The Master of International Forestry (MIF) is a full-time, 10 month course-based master’s degree that provides a foundation in forest and natural resource management, conservation and policy. The MIF is designed for early/mid-career professionals who wish to expedite their careers and advance to leadership positions. You’ll gain valuable skills relevant to a career in rural development, forest conservation planning, sustainable resource management, and conservation policy development, diplomacy and negotiation. The MIF is for individuals who want to engage productively – and to become leaders – in an international forestry context with international agencies and secretariats (e.g., UN FAO, UNEP), finance institutions (e.g., The World Bank, Asian Development Bank), transnational forest products enterprises, government ministries,consulting firms, environmental NGOs, and advocacy groups. The MIF program provides training on those skills identified in over 200 forestry and environmental job postings, and our curriculum is targeted at major international employers. What makes the program unique? The UBC Faculty of Forestry is recognized as a world leader in natural resources research and education. We are turning out a new generation of foresters by keeping pace with changing social values and an increasingly knowledge-based forest sector. Because forest resource management and conservation decision-making increasingly occurs within a context of global agreements, and forest products and services must compete in international markets, we ensure that our programs are progressive and timely. Our Faculty members are globally minded and have worked on the international stage of forest management and conservation. We are committed to international education, and are a founding partner of the International Partnership for Forestry Education.