Bachelor of Social Science (B.S.Sc.) in Geography and Resource Management

Bachelor of Social Science (B.S.Sc.) in Geography and Resource Management


The Chinese University of Hong Kong

学制: 全日制 - 4 年
入学时间: Sep-15


The curriculum of this programme is designed to train students to be equipped with comprehensive knowledge and professional skills in geography and resource management. After completing all the credit unit requirements, students will graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Social Science. Geography is a broad and integrated subject with many areas of specialization dealing with the physical environment and human society. The curriculum maintains a good balance between the physical and human dimensions of geography and meanwhile emphasises on the geoinformation techniques mainly including GIS and remote sensing, as well as global change and resource management issues. The curriculum is divided into four concentration areas namely: geographical information and analysis, physical and environmental systems, urban and regional development, and global change and resource management. A distinctive feature of geographical education is to train students with not only extensive knowledge, but also professional skills and a forward-looking vision. Therefore, graduates have a very wide spectrum of career choices and thus play important role in a variety of fields, such as business and finance, administration and management, education, information services, social services, travel and tourism, customer services, sales and marketing and human resources management. Besides, some of the graduates have pursued advanced degrees and are now practicing in various professional sectors which include education, urban planning, environmental management, country park management, transport and logistics.


Applicants shall be eligible to apply for admission if, by 1 September of the year in which admission is sought, they possess any of the following qualifications: GCE-AL/International-AL (passes 3AL/ 2AL+2AS in one sitting); International Baccalaureate Diploma; a recognised non-local qualification which qualifies them for admission to a university in the country/region where such qualification is originated (e.g. high school diploma plus SAT in USA, UEC/ STPM in Malaysia, ATAR in Australia, OSSD in Canada, GSAT in Taiwan); completed at least one year of study leading to the qualification of associate degree/higher diploma or an undergraduate study at a recognised university or its equivalent; or have other exceptional achievements which merit admission. Mature persons aged 23 or above on 1 September in the year in which admission is sought, provided they are able to show either by publication or by other acceptable evidence that they have achieved sufficient competence in their chosen field of study to justify admission; or have shown exceptional ability in appropriate academic or professional fields are eligible for entry. Applicants from Mainland who will not take Gao Kao in 2015 are eligible to apply through this Scheme if they are currently pursuing or have completed an overseas curriculum (e.g. GCE A-Level, IB Diploma, high school diploma plus SAT in USA) leading to an overseas qualification which qualifies them for admission in a university in the country/region where such qualification is originated. Mainland students who are current Gao Kao candidates must apply through the National Colleges and Universities Enrolment System. Applicants who meet specific requirements as stipulated by the University for particular qualifications (including GCE-AL/International-AL, IB, Cambridge Pre-U, HKALE, associate degree/higher diploma) may apply for "Admission with Advanced Standing".