Bachelor of Arts (Major in Art History and Theory) and Bachelor of Science (Major in Materials Science)

Bachelor of Arts (Major in Art History and Theory) and Bachelor of Science (Major in Materials Science)


Monash University

学制: 全日制 - 4 年
入学时间: 29-Feb-16


This double degree, combining the study of science and arts, provides students with powerful communication and critical thinking skills coupled with a strong technological and scientific base. This degree provides a foundation for a career in the vast fields of science or the broad range of opportunities available to arts graduates. Graduates of this double degree bridge the gap between science and communication with strong skills in both disciplines. Job opportunities are extremely diverse and may include work in research institutes and industry fields related to technology, production, environment, agriculture, minerals and resources. These industries value employers with sound scientific knowledge and the ability to communicate strategies, policies and findings to the public. Career opportunities also exist in planning agencies, management and administration, public relations, human resource management and marketing. The Monash Indigenous Centre (MIC) offers units that aim to encourage students to understand the past and contemporary experiences of Australian Indigenous peoples. Students will acquire a general knowledge of many different aspects of Australian Indigenous cultures and of how these cultures have undergone change and adaptation. Such understanding will require students to construct critical arguments and analyse topics studied in their historical and contemporary contexts. Materials science: it looks at different types of materials (metals, polymers, ceramics, glasses, biomaterials and composites) and the fundamental reasons for the astounding range of properties displayed. The discipline is intended for science students who seek an understanding of the structure and properties of solid materials and the relationships between them.


Students must have minimum qualification of equivalent Australian Year 12. VCE prerequisites: Units 3 and 4-one of biology, chemistry, mathematical methods (CAS), physics, geography, psychology or specialist mathematics, and a study score of at least 30 in English (ESL) or 25 in any other English. International Baccalaureate subject prerequisites: one of biology (any), chemistry (any), geography (any), mathematics SL, further mathematics SL, mathematics HL, physics (any) or psychology (any), and a score of at least 4 in English SL or 3 in English HL or 5 in English B SL or 4 in English B HL.