Diploma of Sport and Recreation Management

Diploma of Sport and Recreation Management


IFI Rouen:Institut de formation internationale

学制: 远程在线教育 - 76 weeks
入学时间: Weekly


The Diploma of Sports Management teaches students the core skills to either continue on a career path in the sport and recreation industry or to upgrade their qualifications at a university with a bachelor degree in the area of the sport and recreation industry. The Diploma of Sport and Recreation Management will teach students an understanding of sport and athlete development, how to produce sporting information and media content, and gain skills such as managing teams, leadership, communicating in groups, conflict resolution, problem solving, rational and critical thinking, and managing finances. Students can choose one of the listed electives below: surfing from beginner to advanced; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; diving; snorkelling; yoga; nutrition; capoeira. Students receive a full gym membership at a 24 hour gym when they choose an elective of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, swimming, yoga, nutrition or capoeira. The courses are designed to be half practical half theory. Both practical and theory parts are delivered in face to face sessions with some self paced learning. Students may choose to study 25 per cent of the course via distance education, which is study completed off campus either at home or other place of study.


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